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Through financials, skills, resources, time, mentorship, supplies and more, our donor makes possible the implementation of our mission. C The Real Light Inc works in various ways to bring people together for the greater good and give humanity a dignified living free from poverty and despair. You can get involved in our ongoing projects, missions, programs and activities. 


The following are some of our activities needing support. Your online donation can fund one of these initiatives, or you can reach out to us for more information. We support multiple causes across the globe and organize systematic activities to help those in need.

How Do We Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

Help Families:

We work with families, Mothers, children and communities  with skill development and basic needs  in order to phase them out of the cycle of poverty. We do this in multiple ways.  Our Organization provides some financial support, spiritual guidance,  professional training, career development, food and nutrition as well as nutrition education and more . We also support pregnant women with prenatal education and resources.  We help families in each stage of need and development.  By working with families, we are able to impact the communities while building positive relationships with surrounding communities also. We give families resources and access to basic hygiene & Sanitation. Additionally we distribute nutritious hot meals and bridge the digital divide by  providing free phones to connect them with the outer world.


Additionally we provide after-school programs for young mothers and provide them assistance in multiple areas based in their needs. We also organize multiple events to build social trust and collaboration between communities. We believe in transitioning people from poverty to  self-reliance.

Case Management:

We provide targeted case management to children and families who have a mental health diagnosis and need additional assistance with gaining access to medical, social, and educational services. Our goal is to u help each individual by assessing their needs and finding appropriate resources and treatment to fill the gaps.  We coordinate plans of care with community agencies with the mission of bridging the gap.  We do so by  coordinating treatment and support services with a plan of care. 

Disaster Relief

Communities who had to leave their homes, we help them in various ways. Individuals who have lost their businesses or families, we provide resources to get them back on their feet. We respond quickly to emergency catastrophic situations, providing humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and financial support to restore the situations as quickly as possible.

Child Development

We believe in proper children’s education and development. We consider them future leaders and well-wishers of the coming days. That’s why we make sure that every child gets enough resources to reach his/her true potential. Plus, we lobby to influence policies to eradicate child abuse, violence, and labor.

Women Empowerment:

Women can transform whole communities. They’re the ones who can phase their families out of poverty. We believe educating one woman means educating a whole family. That’s why we put our energies towards gender-norms in business and other fields of day-to-day life.


We Offer Counseling

We offer to counsel students and adults so that they can develop the capacity to be fully present with every state and situation so as to help themselves and others for the greater good. If you're a pastor, preacher, or have any background you can work with us to improve human well-being.

Host Pastors/Mission Trips:

We Host Pastors nationally and internationally and develop Host teams to create a “Welcome” experience while enabling them to providing care, counseling, and assistance in spiritual crisis situations. We encourage mission trips to help new converts or people who are looking for spiritual guidance.

Refugee Assistance:

Many people affected by war or human trafficking need assistance with resettlement. We provide cash, medical assistance, and many other services by collaborating with a network of service providers to programs. We ensure the necessary support and assistance is given to the refugees.

Summer Programs

We offer summer programs for adults and children who want to pursue their passions and own healings as well as for those who wish to become high-quality professionals for others. These programs are specifically designed for assistance in employment and spiritual healing as well.

 You can partner with us to bring spiritual and physical well-being.


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